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Author Topic: Job Centre Plus - fit for purpose or just a sham???  (Read 5027 times)


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Re: Job Centre Plus - fit for purpose or just a sham???
« Reply #25 on: September 01, 2009, 10:33:22 PM »

Andybailey, your current experience typifies my point exactly, IT IS their job is access if you qualify for benefits and then help and guide you through process laid down by the government, not just hand you a bunch of unfathomable forms and say you get on with it. For too long they've had it too easy by getting other voluntary organisations to do their work for them by tell people to go shuffle off to citizens advice or similar.

"the staff said they didn't have the time to take me through the forms now I'm not sure if the time issue is there own personal view or if they are operating  within rules laid down by there superiors either way I was not even offered an appointment so I could have the forms explained to me . As I said before I don't know who decides if a person gets help with forms and such but in my opinion the help should be there".  NOT YOUR PROBLEM MATE, this is a government service run on your behalf and paid for by you the taxpayer, if it does not/can not/will not be made to work then its not fit for purpose and should be scrapped.

I'm pretty sure if the majority of us took their attitude during our working lives then our careers would not have lasted very long, Oh George that machine's not working can you have a look at it???Naa, can't be bothered haven't got the time!!!Then here's your P45!!!
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