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Any one interested in a build of a 1915 steam drifter? If so, I will be happy to post pics and comments


I started with the idea of a steam drifter Jeannie Mcintosh built in Buckie 1915. Of course, even after lots of searching, no plans were found. So, I used these lines from a book, and intend to get as close as I can with the one b/w photo I have!

Next, was given a boiler by a retired coppersmith, it failed its first hydrostatic test, but is ok after I repaired it.

The engine, a twin wobbler from stuart turner.

From parts to finished in 6 weeks!

started on the boat next, took 3 attempts in old ply to get the keel right before cutting from clear pine, fitted the frames and started planking in cedar.

having trouble getting some of the curves, but with perseverence..........

(Thats my 1:1 home build in the background!)

getting on with the planking now. The hull shape is showing quite nicely!

Note the extensive use of the best clamping system around - masking tape!

I knew there must be a better use for an ironing board! ;D


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