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Author Topic: Dark Forces are afoot,  (Read 994 times)


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Dark Forces are afoot,
« on: October 21, 2009, 03:45:39 am »


I think all members should understand that this forum is not a democracy, it is owned wholly by Martin and as such he maintains the right to do what he wants with it.  Bearing this in mind I would ask members to respect that and stop trying to use the forum as a means to thier own ends.

Posts were removed because they were imflamatory and had nothing to do with Mayhem, which is exactly why I have removed the above as well.  Any member who has a challenge with a vendor should take that issue up with the vendor and get away from thinking that they have a right to use this forum to further thier own personal grievances.

If any member has a complaint with this then please feel free to PM any member of the moderating team.  Starting yet another thread on the same rant will simply be removed.
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