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Author Topic: Most Annoying TV Ad ever...............................  (Read 7327 times)

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Re: Most Annoying TV Ad ever...............................
« Reply #50 on: December 24, 2009, 01:58:19 PM »

There was an article in the news a few months back. Something like 50% of the internet sourced meds bought in the US were fake. It is a huge problem. It is a dangerous problem. People usually take mds for a reason, if you are getting fake product, you are not getting your meds. Rat poison or no rat poison, this is dangerous. Whatever the motives of the people paying for the adverts, people need to know, IMHO.

Yes, people certainly need to know. There is a similar problem with illegal recreational drugs as well, incidentally.

The underlying problem is that, if the government decide to enforce a monopoly supply, be it of penicillin or cocaine (and in the case of cocaine that supply is zero) then, unless the monopoly supply adequately caters to demand, people have a reason to break the system. And when they are doing this illegally, they obviously do not comply with things like purity laws, or control the concentration properly.

Deaths due to illegal drugs in the UK are not a high figure (about 1/10 of those attributed to alcohol, for instance - ) but they could be brought to a vanishingly small figure if the purity/concentration were controlled. Unfortunately, it is in government interests to keep illegal/fake drug related deaths as high as possible....
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