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Author Topic: My new project  (Read 917 times)


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My new project
« on: December 30, 2009, 08:19:10 am »

Hail fellow aquanuts
I've been indisposed for a while.Computer went down.Dramatic statement that.Makes you wonder if there is a threat to national security.
I had to resort to my empty fag packet method of communic\tion again.
The only snag being not many people smoke nowadays.Having to buy full packs and discard the contents was not an option I relished,
Anyway,back to the computor.It suffered a broken hard drive.I don't really understand what that is.Thje hardest drive I've ever suffered was on holiday with friends in the early sixties.We were in Padstow Cornwall and on the last night we were at a bit of a loose end.Someone sugested we go for a last drink.
We sort of got carried away and were rather you do.The following morning we came down to a magnificent breakfast to send us on our way.
Alll I could manage was a small glass of orange and a soft boiled asprin.
The hard drive?.Finally mounting our Lambretta scooters fully loaded we set off back to Nottingham,the journy punctuated with numereous stops for black coffee which made no difference at all.Oh dear I'm rambling again.I've done this post to tell you I've posted some photos of my new project on Working Models section.More to follow.
Happy new year to alll.
Regards Brian


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Re: My new project
« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2009, 02:12:02 pm »

There was I thinking that I rambled on !! Happy New Year to you all, and take care out there!
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