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Aurigarius Springer Kit ?!?

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Hello from sunny Germany *coughing* :)

I was following this thread for a long time. I think this Springer-thingy is a fabulous idea. I love the varieties you guys produce. There is no one like the other.
Sadly the idea has not taken off too much over here so far. So my buddy Torsten and I want to see if we can help to change this.

As we have a nice laser-cutter at hand, we thought we use this to build our first springers.
The idea grew more and more. And the plan was developed further and further, even before the first laser-cut was made.

Now we have version 1.1 and are quite happy with the first cutout. See what you think.  :-)

Nice job. Do i see a kit emerging here?


As the parts fit like LEGO, the build is very straightforward. After only 45 minutes we have this:


--- Quote from: oldiron on January 07, 2010, 09:24:04 pm ---Nice job. Do i see a kit emerging here?


--- End quote ---

At first we only had planned to make this for ourselves. We only wanted to make the basic hull with deck to try out a lot of different versions because we could not decide which look we liked the most.

If there would be any interest we could think about making a real kit out of this

Martin [Admin]:
Wow!  :o

Great job Aurigarius, can we see a completed one yet?

"Hello from sunny Germany " Huh!  <*<


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