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Author Topic: Y2K my First yacht build  (Read 2180 times)

R Crome

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Y2K my First yacht build
« on: January 25, 2010, 07:03:48 pm »

Well being an experienced model boat builder mainly building Fishing boats and trawlers . I remember saying to many of our club members especially the ones who sail various yachts .That I would never be interested in sail for they are to slow and have no power and relief only on the wind. Well I have succumbed and taken the plunge and purchased a 5th hand model yacht the Comtessa and have caught the bug of sailing.
After great discusion and chatting to members of our club at Kings Lynn especially Jimmy   I decided to purchase a Y2K Hull from Mike Mayhew of Waverly Models .
I then began to build my first Yacht I must admit i cheated and decided to fit a motor as well. I done my own thing decided to plank the hull in walnut and obechi strips from a mail order wood stockist called sleck from watton We often call in there they have a huge selection of wood strip plywood and balsa at very good prices. the build took about 3 months and had here first sail just before Christmas.
Well what an experience with Jimmys help we done the usual  checks then put in the water in a light to moderate wing taking her out in the lake about 200 m . When all of a sudden wind became very strong and knocking her well over . It was then we found out lost control of rudder and power from motor Help I gave control to Jimmy and with his help he managed to bring her into shore at times the top of the mast was nearly touching the water . on inspection at the lake side it was found that a piece of cloth floating in the lake wrapped round the rudder and prop. the yacht was completely dry to my amazement considering how she was laying in the water with the wind being so strong What a relief.
I would strongly reccomend This type of yacht hull from waverely models it is so stable even in rough weather .Also you can do so much with a hull of this shape
I have now decided to refit my 5th hand comtessa which has just been completed


Jimmy James

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Re: Y2K my First yacht build
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2010, 07:39:43 pm »

When are you going to build a square rigger  :D %) :-))
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Re: Y2K my First yacht build
« Reply #2 on: January 26, 2010, 02:07:43 am »

Hi Rob

Welcome aboard.

The Y2K is a lovely hull, and your yacht looks great.

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