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Author Topic: Back again for more advice  (Read 1188 times)


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Back again for more advice
« on: February 16, 2010, 09:56:47 pm »

Hi everyone.

Work on the restoration (and improvement) of the superstructure of my 12th scale Pinnace is progressing nicely. The aft cabin is more or less complete having been veneered with mahogany strip planking, new window glass and brass handrail stands and rail fitted, then satin coat varnished (many thanks to those who offered advice there). Later, when Im in the right frame of mind, I will probably fit the interior of this this cabin out (the roof lifts off for access to the prop dirve link)

The engine room cabin is in undercoat and is being filled and fared and the foc'sle cabin top is ready for top coat (as is the funnel). First question I need an answer to is, what colour for these last two cabin tops? I have seen both white and navy grey, but the pinnace (I believe by virtue of a wooden aft cabin) has admirals barge status so does the colour matter?

I shall shortly be turning my attention to the hull and here's where I need some more information/advice. The hull is strip planked on frames and not badly done, I have to fabricate and fit a new transom. The outside of the hull has been nitromors stripped and this has revealed a previous cloth lay of some description. Nitromors removed some of the material (which is BLACK in colour) but there is quite a lot of the stuff left on the hull. I'd like to strip back to wood, refill and reglass the hull before final finishing. Would any of you have any idea what this stuff might be and be able to recommend a removal method please?

There is evidence of glass fibre elsewhere on the hull which is approximately 30 yers old. Is there a chance the resin used could be anything other than epoxy?
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