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Author Topic: Swopsies  (Read 818 times)

The long Build

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« on: April 02, 2010, 10:36:28 am »

In my time at school it was the football cards , I collected them even though I had no interest in football !!.

Moving along a couple of years   :}  My son has joined the  bandwagon of commerciliasation and is collecting the TopGear Turbo cards , Remember 20p a packet, Oh know they are now 1.50 a packet of 9  >>:-(

So I was wondering if any other forum members may be collecting them either for themselves :-)), or for your children , grandchildren etc.. and like me are starting to build up a swopsies collection..

As such I was wondering if you were collecting them and had doubles that we could maybe exchange some , Ie I will send you my list I have doubles of and vise versa.

If there are some either party require but one needs more than the other maybe a payment of say 10p a card for the extras+ postage which should only be a 1st class stamp.

Just a thought anyway.


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