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« on: May 04, 2010, 09:39:43 pm »

Just wanted to say hello and thanks for allowing me to join, have been reading the forums with great interest. At the moment living in Bridgwater Somerset but hopefully moving to Turkey in the near future with my 2 48in wooden hulled Huntsman. Have a torpedo 850 electric in one using a 12v 7.4amp gell battery for long run times, slowish but get at least an hour of cruising.and a 10cc veco in the other,although have only run the veco in a paddling pool as very limited to lakes local to me that allow IC.9None in fact) There is a lovely shallow bay where we are moving to and think it will lend itself very nicely to a fast Huntsman. My question is though does anyone know if glow fuel is available anywhere near to Izmir,Turkey because might be a touch difficult explaining to customs that a gallon of highly flammable liquid is for a model boat engine.and Turkish prisons do have quite a reputation, Its going to be bad enough taking both boats through Turkish customs.
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