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Author Topic: Set throttle to lowest position. Chinglish or senior moment? Help please.  (Read 1263 times)


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Hi All.

Just received my new joysway mini from Astec. Bought it because someone here said they were a hoot.

I'm looking at the instructions and they tell me to "set throttle stick on transmitter at the lowest position". Turn on transmitter, turn on boat etc, etc.

I've never experienced a forwards only esc before.

My question is this. Does it mean neutral (middle)  or does it really mean lowest (full reverse)?

I would just fiddle with it but for some strange reason things often break when I fiddle with them. Can't think why.

Anyone got one? Anyone know for sure?

Thanks in advance, Pete


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It has no reverse forwards only, hence throttle at lowest point


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I think there is a safety issue here.

I know little about RC.

If you want the lowest position with stick back and your Tx control stick has a return spring then you may want take the spring out.
As it is desirable for the prop to stationary when you pick up the boat to put it in the water.

I have no idea what would happen if you leave it at neutral and accidentally push the stick back instead of forward. It may do nothing, it may cause damaged to ESC. Hopefully someone else on here can advise.
If it does no harm to push the stick back, then I would be inclined to leave the spring in the Tx and have neutral as the lowest position, because the stick will automatically go there.
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Thank you for your replies gentlemen. The supplier tells me either is ok. I guess I'm going to have to  fiddle with it.

Good point Tiger, though my tx does have a ratchet throttle. However, if I go for fully lowered I had better rebind the rx and set the failsafe there.

There's always giant cod if I blow it up. Last time I looked, another esc was about a tenner.

Thanks again. Pete
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