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Author Topic: Eyes and eyesight.  (Read 3129 times)

Bryan Young

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Re: Eyes and eyesight.
« Reply #25 on: July 21, 2010, 04:52:27 pm »

So sorrry to hear of your problem, it is a scary thought of what we can end up with. At least you have the slight consolation that the RVI in Newcastle have some aces working for them. The eye department are something out of this world. Having had dealings with them over the last few months (not personal but via my Aunt) they are very good at their jobs.
Yes, I know how daunting the propect is to have vision problems. Some weeks back my eyes went out of sync with each other. As I was driving at the time I was really panicing. Turned out to be an infection caused by a bug. Ironical really, as a diabetic (type2 with no effects) I  have to have yearly retinal scans and eye tests. These were done about four days before my eyesight went wobbly.

Could the source of your hand tremble be "Benign Intent Tremor"? I'd never heard of it before and started a real panic over possible Parkinsons. Medic solved that one - benign doesn't get any worse, Parkinsons on the other hand definitely does.
Like the thought of your drug use to steady up. 8)   
Sweeper, nice of you to contribute. I couldn't agree with you more about the RVI. The consultant I see always asks about the model doubt as another check on progressiveness, but as I always seem to be treated as part of one of his lectures (I mean that a student is normally with him) I've learned an awful lot of big words that mean absolutely zilch to me (although he does try to explain, it's still a bit like reading a computer softwear manual). To be honest, the absolute worst thing about this is that there is no cure. Scary. I'd even go for a bionic eye if it could give me my vision back. I try not to worry, but the little niggles keep coming slyly back. BY.
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Re: Eyes and eyesight.
« Reply #26 on: July 21, 2010, 07:54:51 pm »

Hi all,
I didn't realise there are so many people afflicted with these eye conditions.
For myself I had what was called a lazy eye when I was very young.I had three operations to remedy this but none of them really workrd,consequently I have a useless eye that does its own thing apart from the fact it does nothing for my eye sight.
However I am blessed with normal sight in the other eye and I have a check up each year and fortunately my sight hasn't altered much apart from age related problems.
When I was at work if some one tried to pull the wool over my eyes as they say I used to say I only have one good eye but it doesn't miss any thing.

regards to all

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