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Author Topic: TT Odyssey  (Read 2910 times)


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TT Odyssey
« on: August 29, 2010, 12:07:31 am »

Bought it this morning and just finished the build. Well, my son did, so I'll blame him.

I'll be sailing her tomorrow on the lake but she just floated on the fish pond so the omens are good.

Since this shot my son has added the guard rails / pullpit / pushpit.

Thoughts on the kit: mostly good.  The hull plastic is VERY VERY thin at the bow and is a worry.  The rudder is not a firm fixing and has some lateral play and the keel doesn't fit snugly all the way home, I can see myself adding an epoxy fillet to that.  However, my son built the whole thing according to the destructions and didn't tweak the aforesaid items at all, so its as it is.

The spreaders are delightful chines silvered plastic -  yuk yuk yuk and I can see them snapping before long, but maybe I'm being harsh and they wont.

I am surprised by the small amount of travel between sheeted out and sheeted in, its probably absolutely normal but I was EXPECTING more. However, part of my rationale for the build of this yacht was to gain experience - it's my first one -  and so far the experience is pouring in!  Ive always fancied a Kyosho Seawind or something like that, and this Odyssey might be the catalyst or the blocker...

I'll post how it sails after tomorrows maiden voyage!

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Thunder Tiger Odyssey, initial impressions
« Reply #1 on: August 30, 2010, 02:24:03 pm »

After yesterdays sea trial, and speaking as a nautical beginner to models, here are my impressions.

Its rather the poor cousin it seems to the Victoria and Voyager, but at around 80 pounds its also cheaper I think.

The kits and instructions were quite good and went together in an evening by my 14 year old son, everything required except radio was supplied and it all worked.

The hull skin at the bow is VERY thin, translucent even when looked at from inside against the light.

The keel was a sloppy fit and thus took in water (to the keel, not the hull as the keel bolt passes through a tunnel).  I have stripped this off, dried and and re epoxied it to prevent the ingress of water.  I've also tidied up the loose fit.

The spreaders looked nice but were just silver plastic. One broke in the car and I have now removed them all and adjusted the shrouds accordingly.  The hounds are just screws into the mast channel.

The guard rails are like the spreaders -  silver plastic and string.  Absolutely vile in my opinion but my son loves them. I will in time knock them all off and leave the deck a la racing style.

The deck hatch leaked like the Pentagon so I have beaded some silicone around it. We'll see what that does.  I think there's leaks elsewhere too but I cant find them yet.  I guess they'll be the holes where the deck rail stanchions go through!!  Yuk, holes in me boat...isnt that the enemy's job???

The deck fittings are cheap and either black or silver plastic -  again, to my sons taste but not mine.  Still, it looks okay when built it must be said.

The sails are just flat sheets of something that rustles nicely, they flap well and the booms are nice and loose.  Hardly race winning gear but it does the job.

In very fickle airs yesterday she sailed okay but had a tendency to really dig her nose in and get yawed broadside to the wind (severe weather helm) when the gusts blew hard.  This might be the Odyssey, it might be all model boats, I really haven't got the experience to say.  It certainly seems to fit the bill for full size - getting thrown broadside to the wind and breakers has caused many a demise!  I think tweeking the mast forward a tad will help so I shall give that a go next.

I have put a video of the trip yesterday (its not terribly exciting but the wind wasn't really much cop) here

You can search for it but when I do it doesn't work...type in Odyssey, model yacht, Thunder Tiger or whatever and you wont get my vid. Why???

To sum up, I like it.  A bit of work but we have come to expect that in the ARTF world of model planes so I guess its the same in boats...I think it'll be a decent low end sailor when its really sorted.  How it compares to Victoria I have no idea as I haven't sailed on or even seen one for real.  One question I had when I started this thing was " is the extra two hundred quid worth it for a better bigger boat?"  I  think the answer is "yes".

Anyway, just my thoughts by way of thanks to the guys who answer my dumb questions..which aren't over yet!


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Re: Thunder Tiger Odyssey, initial impressions
« Reply #2 on: August 31, 2010, 10:24:32 am »

The youtube video works now


Jake Bullit

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Re: TT Odyssey
« Reply #3 on: September 29, 2010, 09:40:18 am »

Looks a nice boat,sails look good for stock.How is she in stronger wind?

Here is my voyager b.t.w.

Cheers (G0KHG)
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