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Author Topic: Thank You HMSANTRIM - a newbies tale  (Read 1101 times)


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Thank You HMSANTRIM - a newbies tale
« on: October 01, 2010, 11:14:03 am »

I live in an old lock keepers cottage on the banks of the Crinan Canal, a waterway described as Britians most beautiful shortcut, and for years I have mussed over the idea of getting myself a rc boat so I can have a bit of fun on the canal.
It was whilst watching channel 5's Gadget Show a few weeks back when they tested rc boats that I decided the time was right to take the plunge, and immediately ordered a Joysway/Ripmax Magic Vee, it duely arrived the next day, with batteries charged I ventured out for it's maiden voyage, at 51 years of age youthfull exuberance took over, ten seconds later after a short and very quick blast up the canal rc boating had me well and truely hooked, I attempted a few turns with ease on the magic vee and then over confidence crept in and full throttle was applied, the wee boat was heading across the canal at warp speed, I saw the hedge lined bank looming fast but was powerless to steer the wee boat clear, it dissapeared deep in the undergrowth, so deep I lost sight of it, and after crossing the canal I realised that the hedge was to thick to penetrate from that side in order to retrieve my beloved magic vee, I hoped that as it was early morning, and the water level was at it's highest that after a few big boats had been through the lock the water level would drop and the wee boat would fall free, but like the best laid plans of mice and men and despite the water level dropping during the day the wee boat was never seen again, the hedge has now been cut back, and I can gain access to the waters edge, but alas no sign of the magic vee.

Well as I said the bug had well and truely bitten, and without further ado a few days later saw me order online another boat, this time the slightly larger Warrior lite by Joysway, again it arrived the next day, and with batteries charged I gave it it's maiden voyage, this time not on the canal to the right of my cottage but in the basin to the left, safe in the knowledge that whatever happened I had access all the way around and would be able to retrieve the boat, the maiden voyage lasted a bit longer than that of the magic vee, but again ended in disaster, being caught out by the turn of speed a collision with the rocks that form the banks was inevitable, the sudden jolt was enough to dislodge the motor and disconnect it from the drive shaft, it was at this point that I realised that only having the use of my left arm and hand as my right is paralysed using the pistol shaped controller was the problem, and I posted a thread on this forum asking for help and advice, and several of you came forward with usefull suggestions, as a result I was again spending my hard earned, this time on a new radio and receiver from GiantCod of the 2.4 variety, again it duely arrived the next day, but looking at Prophets instructions on how to adapt the boat and the radio and receiver left me totally confused as the components inside the boat in no way resembled what was supposed to be there.

Welcome HMSANTRIM, many of you know him as Frank, he offered to sort it all out for me, just post him the radio, receiver, boat et al and not to worry, So I did just that, the boat now named ELVIS is in the building that is Frank's home undergoing upgrade, many messages have been fired back and forth between us, and I can now see the error of my youthfull and exuberant ways, I will think now before I press that stick forward to the full throttle position, and thanks to Frank I have now learned a whole lot more about rc boating, and believe me people the bug has well and truely bitten, I even miss not seeing my boat atop the kitchen dresser, looking down at me seductively as much as to say come on lets go play big man, I miss it so much I can't wait for it's return and to get back out there on the canal and tame the beast.

So the point of this thread, is to thank you all at "Model Boat Mayhem" for being there when I needed you, and a huge thank you to Frank for stepping in and saving the day, if this forum has a personality of the month award, then believe me, Frank deserves it , and not just for the month, probably should have had a word with his popeness when he was here and got Frank a sainthood,.

Slainte Frank
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