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Author Topic: Latest card scam.  (Read 3716 times)


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Re: Latest card scam.
« Reply #25 on: October 24, 2010, 10:04:36 am »

Well i got a letter from my bank yesterday telling me the matter had been resolved, but I'm still non the wiser as to who took the money in the first place, i will write to them asking for an answer,
 As we all seem to be having a go at the banks,  the U.K bailed the banks out here to the tune of £500 billion, everyone in this country is being hammered with cuts to services, some losing jobs, the navy being cut, people on welfare having money cut and so on, and for what because the U.K is overspent, well ask the banks for our money back, and then everything will be back to normal, " Oh no, we can't ask the banks for more money, were frightened the banks will more away, or leave the country"
 Yeah right, and were will they overcharge their customers then, the reason the Government won't ask for a larger portion of taxpayers money back is that when the Government asks for it the banks say sod off! so its easier to cut services and increase V.A T. and blame the public!
 sorry i seem to be going off topic!

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Re: Latest card scam.
« Reply #26 on: October 24, 2010, 11:01:50 am »

There is another nasty little scam by the banks going on which demonstrates their attitudes to their customers.

For the benefit of our overseas members, in the UK we have special savings accounts called ISAs. You can put a certain amount into them every year and the interest is tax free unlike standard savings accounts. Although you can withdraw money, you can’t put it back again in the same year to restore the total that was there previously, you have to wait until the next tax year and it is set against that year’s allowance. So these accounts are intended to encourage longer term savings and when they (and their predecessors) were introduced, they attracted a bonus saving rate over and above standard ‘easy access’ savings accounts in line with normal banking practice.

Over the last year, many banks have quietly reduced their ISA interest rates to below those of the standard accounts which means that they are actually helping themselves to a chunk of YOUR 20% tax relief! Given the laughable savings rates at the moment, the effects on the individual are pretty small but there are a very great number of ISA accounts and the overall sums being stolen in this way must be quite significant.

At the moment, if you have savings you are completely stuffed as there is nowhere to make a decent safe return. Savings rates are well below inflation, the stock market is volatile plus charges will eat into your capital too, property prices are reducing inexorably and if you put it under your mattress inflation will take its value down by 3.5% a year.

Might as well spend it on a world cruise I suppose…

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