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Whitby Coble Plans

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ive been searching all over the net for whitby coble plans as i wish to make a model of one.

I've found nothing except plans for a 27ft northumbrian coble, which are no good as the boat i'm making a model of is a 33 footer. The shape of the bow is also different to the plans as its a sailing coble where as my model subject was built in 1966 with an engine and cab.

Anyone who can help with anything to do with plans or scratch building one would be greatly appreciated.


have you tried the local whitby libuary service , they may have some info on local vessels , also the local press often holds archive photographs ! i know it could be a long shot .

i think most yorkshire cobbles were built by eye without plans  slug

Hey Slug,

Yes ive recently realised this  <:(    Its a hell of a craft, brilliant really when you think of it.

Ive had some joy with the coble society in the way of learning a member has produced some plans and these will be available in the near future.

Otherwise i'm measuring every possible thing on the real boat to try and get the profile.



Dan if you join Trawlerphotos and give amblecoble or valhalla a message they should be able to help , David's ( valhalla ) Father is rebuilding a Coble just now, she is the True Vine ( ex-BH 100 ) and is 9.14m/30ft long ( registered length )


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