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Canadian Corvette K338

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Hi All,
  Glad to be back after a short brake from building and enjoying running my TID tug this summer. Ran great with no problems and now it
on the shelf until next spring. I started a new project a few weeks ago. This is a military subject. The Canadian Corvette K338,
HMCS Lindsay. She was named the town Lindsay which is only a few miles from here. I had a glass fiber hull which would have taken to
much to modify as the Lindsay was built in 1943 and was part of the Increased Endurance Program. This gave her an increased flair and sheer in the bow. Also the stern on the Lindsay is squared off. So I have started by making my own hull and here are a few photos as it stands so far. I will keep you updated as I progress. Winter is here and my shop is the nice way to spend the cold days.

 G. George


Nice to see you back GG you really set the standard with the TID  so Im looking forward the following this build.

Looking good !

What scale are you working at ?

Peter Fitness:

--- Quote from: pugwash on December 07, 2010, 07:34:40 am ---I'm looking forward the following this build.

--- End quote ---

Me too, Geoff.



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