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Author Topic: Realy need help and advice with this one  (Read 1214 times)


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Realy need help and advice with this one
« on: January 03, 2011, 06:49:06 pm »

Ok not sure where to start on this one but her goes.
im going to be needing a bit of advice as to how to power it ???????????
anyone who knows what it is please let me know

I have this boat (pic below) no idea what its realy meant to be.
i got it from windsor model shop about 15 or so years ago.
was told it was some prototype thing for full size etc.

It had 2 tiny little electric motors driving the twin screws etc.(just for show )

The hull is a sort of planing hull and the boat seems to be very scale like with spray rails etc.
The deck is grey fibre glass and very good detail of trackmark etc.

Ive fitted the stantion rails (dont even ask why).

The orange top is original gel coat, and the hull was originally white gel coat.

The length is 38 inches,  and width is 12 inches.

Im thinking about  putting a MFA barracuda electric motor(pic below) in it and use the boat as a rescue craft for if and when i have
a problem with ic engines,just to be on the safe side .

Im thinking about running black grp prop of the x70 size. with battery being 12volt and 5amp sealed lead acid type.

Does this sound ok for battery and prop, im not too up on the leccy stuff or slow boats............

 would i be better off with the decaperm motor again seen below and running what prop ?
and how do i tell if my decaperm is 6 volt or s12 volt ?

and ive only got an old tamya manual speed controller


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