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Author Topic: Three-hour fishing boat rescue by RNLI Portsmouth & Bembridge lifeboats  (Read 1081 times)

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Three-hour fishing boat rescue in gale force winds for RNLI Portsmouth & Bembridge lifeboats

RNLI Portsmouth’s lifeboat was launched for the first time in 2011 at 7.11 yesterday evening (Monday 10 January) to assist a 20 tonne fishing boat that had broken down half a mile east of the outer boat passage (near Horse Sand Fort).

Conditions were difficult with gale force 8-9 winds and heavy rain. The Atlantic 85 lifeboat made its way through rough, three metre swells and was on scene within 10 minutes of launch. A tow was quickly established and Helmsman Gareth Roberts started to make way back to the safety of Langstone Harbour.

Battling the worsening conditions Gareth had to constantly power on and off to stop the waves swamping the stern and to keep both vessels under control. Making slow progress and after 45 minutes, the tow line suddenly snapped leaving the casualty vessel adrift in the rough sea.

The Atlantic crew hastily recovered the remaining line and prompted the casualty fishing vessel to drop anchor and await further instruction.

With the anchor dragging, and now a four metre breaking white water swell, the Atlantic crew made the decision to request assistance from neighbouring RNLI Bembridge’s all-weather lifeboat.

The RNLI Bembridge crew were paged and launched shortly after 8pm. The much larger Tamar class lifeboat, Alfred Albert Williams, was easily able to take the fishing vessel in tow back to its home port of Camber Docks at Portsmouth Harbour.

With the casualty now once again safely under way, Portsmouth’s Atlantic 85 was released from service and returned to station two hours after launch.

RNLI Bembridge took nearly an hour to complete the remaining journey and moored the fishing vessel safely within the sheltered Camber Docks. They were met by units from Portsmouth Coastguard and the three people onboard where able to disembark and warm up in a waiting vehicle. RNLI Bembridge then began its return to station


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Re: Three-hour fishing boat rescue by RNLI Portsmouth & Bembridge lifeboats
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Thanks for posting Audie

It is good to have insight and a reminder of the work the RNLI do.

We often forget the work of the RNLI until the lifeboat collection box comes around.
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