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Author Topic: Whats in a name?  (Read 3746 times)

Lord Bungle

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Re: Whats in a name?
« Reply #25 on: January 15, 2011, 11:03:44 am »

Lord Bungle
the Bungle part come about due to my size, A short Aussie mate called me it after the Bungle Bungle mountain range. (Purnululu)
The Lord part sort of comes from a Robert Rankin Book. He had a character call Sir John Rimmer who wasn't infact a Sir but changed his name by deedpole so his First Name was Sir, (I think in one of the later books he does get knighted and becomes Sir Sir John Rimmer  {-) )
Sir Bungle sounded silly so it became Lord Bungle, 1st Lord of the Brentford Navy (Brentford being my Hometown AND where quite a few of Roberts books are set) (I was working in the Brentford Boatyard at the time) Later on I also got the added title Defender of the Pint (I was running a pub that while I was there was declared the Spiritual Home of the Flying Swan, this being the ideal pub in the Brentford Triology of books, this been Brentford and Robert now numbers 8 books and is also the world first 8 book trilogy  {-) )

Mad? indeed  ok2
If anyone likes Far Fetched Fiction, bad puns, terrible running jokes I would recommend getting some of Robert Rankin's books to put a smile on your face (and as he says "A smile on his Mortage brokers face"  {-)
also have a look on youtube for Robert Singing his ditty Far Fetched Fiction (I won't post a link as it may get me told off for its rudeness)

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