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Author Topic: we reap as we sow  (Read 773 times)


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we reap as we sow
« on: March 05, 2011, 01:56:31 pm »

There comes a time in life when that old saying we shall reap what we sow comes to the fore.
I have now reached one of these times.
My wife and I have brought up our children with a strict code of conduct ,integrity and honesty being but two.
One such rule is never ask anyone to do something you wont do yourself.
Ive recently had a Hernia operation. Now, being a devout coward the type of anesthetic to be used was of paramount importance to me.
Having in the past mostly advocated local my brood took it for granted I would go the same way.
Now this caused me to break out into a severe cold sweat..The thought of  watching two guys in green smocks cutting open my groin and effecting a repair whilst chatting about who will win the football cup filled me with horror and dread.
What a dilemma!. Duty says I must follow my doctrine.Sheer panic began to set in.
The anesthetist came to my rescue by suggesting a spinal type.
This seemed to be acceptable to all and that is what we did..
The moral to this tale? .Be sure you can carry out what you say.
I thought Id got away with it this time. We all had a good laugh about later when my family revealed  they knew what Id do all the time and were only winding me up.(The swines) They know me better than I thought.
Im glad to say Im recovering slowly now


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Re: we reap as we sow
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2011, 04:52:08 pm »

Good story Brian. ok2

There's certainly a moral there somewhere.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery. :-))
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