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Lugger to Lorcha

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Jimmy James:
The Lorcha is basically a Europen hull with a Chinese rig It was first developed by the Portuguese in the East Indies as a trading vessel that was cheap to run (Less Crew to handle to rig) and was fast enough to outrun the local pirates  The John Company (British East India Co.) had a look at this handy vessel and at first converted a few schooner hull's found they worked well so they started building hull and Arming them as Patrol craft,  Convoy escorts and as Anti Piracy cruisers for the Bombay Marine the John Company's Private Navy The comversion is ongoing and I will keep the thread going as long as there is any interest

  These are the original lug rig

 This is the first set of junk sails  - She sailed extreamly well with this first set and only took seconds to reef (Shorten sail)but I had put to many battens on the Mainsail but this is only a minor ajustment.

Jimmy James:
Having studded the photos taken by Rob (Club Sec) I'm going to remove 3 battens and reposition 2 others that should make a better looking sail
I shall make a rigging plan at a later date but so far I have replaced the two part masts with 12mm doweling pole maststhe Same hight as the old masts the rigging on these will be a single halyard running from the yard on the head of the sail through a block at the masthead  and down to the starb'd rail just aft of the mast this has a bowser on it to adjust the hight of the sail ( a dummy halyard has been set up on the port side for looks only as its not needed)

 2 vew's of the rig,  Lazy jacks are used to control the battens when reefed

 These are the mods that will be made to the battens

Jimmy James:
Rigging plan of Chinese Lug sail 

  The rigging plan gives the normal rigging plag for this type 0f sail

Jimmy James:

This is the Original lug rig,
 The Parrall beads keeping the battens close to the mast

and the sail close to the mast

Jimmy James:
Lazy jacks very useful for reducing sail on fore & aft rigs in stead of  having to tie loads of reef points you just lower the sail between two sets of ropes (Like a suspension bridge)and only have to haul in the tack and leech pendants ...  Sorry about the quality of the photos but I can't take a picture for toffee

If you are confused or need more info PM me ... I will be posting sailing photos as soon as I can get someone to take them.


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