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Author Topic: NewBee's Corner  (Read 1197 times)


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NewBee's Corner
« on: April 09, 2011, 09:34:59 am »

Triton 2.  "The Rantings of an Old Codger" or" Happy Memories"

A bit about myself,I was born into an engineering family,at the age of 10 my dad had me in his shed teaching me how to use am old Myford 7. By 11 I had built
a 1,5cc diesel of his own design,then went on to build a small round the pole hydro for it. The local river,and me standing in the middle, on 25ft lines,( Healf & Safety??? just common sense,  Lots of fun.  Spent many years with dad and his boats, :-))  If any of you were at the Model Engineer Exhibition in 2003 you will probable remember him  ( ) (click on Hydros)  Unfortunately he passed away shortly after 
Went on to University and a career in the aircraft industry, no more time for playing, :((  About 1984 I went to work for Porsche near Stuttgart wich gave me
extra time on my hands,Guess which model company was just up the road? Started building Electric Racing boats, first was a "Systems" with the standard motor,and equipment,( Graupner of course),having met up with a few of like minded colleg's and wanting to do better it ended up with a 1,5Kw motor and
24 cells.  It went like s*** off a shovel, used to race the local lifeguard in their outboard on our local lake.

I've got to stop now   will continue later



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Re: NewBee's Corner
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