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Author Topic: "Proteus", a 1921 dutch freighter  (Read 1213 times)


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"Proteus", a 1921 dutch freighter
« on: May 17, 2011, 11:19:02 am »

Hi guys,

hereby a link to an album with pictures of my last build:

model is built at scale 1/100, I've found the original blue prints at the Amsterdam maritime museum, in the basement, back in 1985. As I'm working for the french modelling magazine "Modèle Réduit de Bateau", the editor came to me to ask me to write some articles about my way of doing stuff out of paper on RC sailing models. Ths first article contained a redrawn plan for the modeller, plan included as a free plan in the MRB n° 551 issue.

Hull, as you can see, is done the "regular" way, being plank on frames, but the remaining of the construction is done with paper and cardboard, except the mast which are in brass.

Paper can easily be made waterproof with a polyurethane resin, we call it "G4" as it is the acronym used by the producer, Vosschemie. this resin is soaked by wood & paper, one or two coats are enough, no need to stir two components, just pour a little G4 in a can, apply it with a brush, and voila.

Brushes can be cleaned with acetone, but I prefer to use really cheap brushes I throw away after use.

So, the main question is: why to use paper? Because it's cheap, just call me "El Cheapo" I guess!  :}

The main reason I use paper is to be found in older shipyards models which can be seen in musea, some of them have their wall covered with paper whereupon the doors and windows/portholes were just drawn.

Knowing the easiness to use paper, combined with that PU resin, opened a while of doors to me, no need to work with that "once in the future becoming brittle" ABS or polystyrene, no need to use those smelly cements, also no need to work with brass or other metals which are really hard to work on when you don't know how to.

propulsion is done with a Graupner set, including a Speed 280 motor/reduction gear/ propshaft-sterntube, the shaft/tube being throwed in the bin box and replaced with a heavier 3mm shaft in a home made stern tube. Voltage is 4.8 V, the esc is a Graupner "mini-4" one.

the hull plating was also done in 0,3mm thich paper.

Enjoy the pics, and shoot with your questions if you feel the need to


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