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1854 Sloop of War Constellation

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This one's been alluded to now and then in this forum, so I thought I start a dedicated thread on the occasion that the model is officially a boat - having sailed under it's own power for the first time this last Sunday, July 10th.

Not finished by a long shot, just jury rigged for a test sail which generally went well, though the wind wouldn't cooperate in the least.

Next step is setting up the controls routing, thru-deck stuff, and get the deck on - which will greatly reduce the "pucker factor" when she heels ;)

There's also a bit of video on YouTube:

My site is loaded with design notes, the real ship's history, and loads of pictures:

It may be time for a little update, ye think?


Hello Jerry,

The boat looks very, very nice.
Bet you are looking forward to the finish !!.

John  :-)) :-)) :-))

Bob K:
Excellent looking ship.  A square rigger, with no keel?

I would love to see more information on how she sails as these ships are technically challenging to sail as models.   :-))

Thank you for the kind words.

John; I stopped thinking about "finishing" her and just work on what ever I need to to meet whatever temporary goal I've set my self, like getting her ready for an event.  I imagine at some point I'll get to a point that I don't have anything to do to her, but I'm sure there'll always be maintenance and repairs.

Bob; she has external ballast, it's the gray pipe she sits on in this picture.  It's a PVC pipe filled with lead bird shot and weights 42 pounds.  It's held to the boat with 5/16 inch stainless steel threaded rods.  One is where the galley hatch is just aft of the foremast, and will be disguised as the galley stack.  The other is under the skylight just forward of the mizzen and the power switch.
The launch cart is a channel on wheels meant to basically hold the ballast.  I bolt a boat to it now and then.  There's a couple of padded side supports to keep the boat from falling over.  ;)
She doesn't have a deep fin, like Stad Amsterdam or some other models, it isn't necessary unless you're going to over sail her, and she 's designed so she can shorten sail easily, though not automatically.


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