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Author Topic: MKS - 22 Channel Multi Switch Project  (Read 1363 times)


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MKS - 22 Channel Multi Switch Project
« on: July 21, 2011, 11:58:57 PM »

Today I will show you another project of us. I wanted to post the story first, but I think this would be a little boring. I wrote this story for an association journal years ago. Because Iím translating my website to English, I decided to translate this article too. I would post this article if someone is interested.
Whatever, here is the introduction of a nice electronic device which has been developed by Nils Canditt, Christian Feldmann and I. Itís a programmable 22 channel multi switch.


5 Input ports for measuring any voltage from 0 Ė 35 volts or for triggering output ports. Hysteresis included
1 Input port which monitors the power supply, also to use with other ports as well
16 outgoing ports which are controlled directly from the remote
5 outgoing ports which can be programmable used or actuated by other situations
1 outgoing flip-flop port

The outgoing ports have features like Start-Delay, Stop-Delay or On-Time-Duration. It is also possible to control outgoing ports with other ports, not matter if itís an input or output port. Ports also can be triggered by any input port voltage, letís say the water sensor. If the sensor detect water, the snorkel closes immediately. And if the snorkel is closed, the compressors wonít run.  There are much more features which can be discussed in this thread if someone wants to know more.

Our compressed air submarines were the reason why we spend several months for developing this hardware. We wanted a programmable multi switch for our ďspecialĒ needs. By the way, it also can be used for other models as well. Nils designed the hardware itself and Christian coded the firmware. I coded a PC software which can be used to program a complex logic in an easy way.

Well, I stop babbling and post some pictures.

This is one of the 7 proto types.

This are the two transmitter modules (MKS-TX)

A working MKS in my Beluga class


This are screenshot of the PC software "Zentrale".

Main screen

Port description. All descriptions can be edited in the port settings screen to.

Common settings like over all failsafe can be adjusted here

Model information to keep track on changes in the past.

Input settings screen. Here you can adjust the threshold of the input port. That means, that the port turns on if the voltage falls under 2.88 volt and turn of again when the voltage jumps above 3.44 volt.

Output port settings screen. Here you can set up relations between other ports, no matter what kind of port it is.

Master and Slave. A feature which is usefull for my Beluga class. Because some of the scopes are under a hatch, it's better if I'm not able to close the hatch before retracting the scope first.

This is the diagnostics screen. It's possible to monitor the state of the ports. Green is on, red is off (colors can be changed in settings). Also a failsafe counter and a counter to monitor the supply voltage is available.

It's hard to monitor the hysteresis of the input port. Therefore I coded a screen which displays the settings of the hysteresis (red/green bars) and the current voltage (yellow bars) in one screen.

This is just a overview of the transmitter signal. If it's green, then the signal is good.

One thing I'm pretty proud of is the report. I wanted to create a report which offer a summary of the programmed settings. Just to verify the "sense" of the programmed functions. This is quite hard with more than 1000 single settings. And I wanted to create a report which can be read like plain text. I think I made it. Here is the report which has been created with my Beluga settings:

That's all for now. If someone wants to read the whole story I will post it here. And if you have questions about this project, just feel free and ask.

regards from Germany



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Re: MKS - 22 Channel Multi Switch Project
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2011, 08:01:01 AM »

Very impressive piece of kit, Andy.
Have you/did you consider offering this commercially?


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Re: MKS - 22 Channel Multi Switch Project
« Reply #2 on: July 22, 2011, 04:56:57 PM »

Hi Davy,

It was not the intention to sell this hardware in the first place. But yes, it's for sale.


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