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My 12 foot Gato class submarine!

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sub john:           please view this and put your thoughts back to me lol thanks people also part 2 is a link in the decription part of the video

what a machine!! thanks for the video of john  :-))

sub john:
HI Mad Mike
  Thanks for comment on video of submarine, have been looking into this a bit more on doing sonar for underwater have found how to make transducer for transmitting end and receiving end is quite easy  have been playing about with low frequency video link for under water but it all takes time to design once you have done the first one its easy. With sonar link it should be able to work 500ft down with a bit of luck
                    ALL THE BEST JOHN

when we did the possibilites thread i put up a link for a accoustic modem using sound to transfer data.
40 bps spread spectrum means nout to me 500m horizontal range 150m vertical range

Excellent demo, John.

...And the best use of a garage ever.  :}



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