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  • THE BLACKPOOL MODEL BOAT SHOW: October 15, 2011 - October 16, 2011
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Author Topic: THE BIG ONE....THE BLACKPOOL MODEL BOAT SHOW 15th 16th OCTOBER 2011  (Read 36692 times)

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« Reply #100 on: October 19, 2011, 09:43:27 am »

Its Wednesday morning and we are just about recovered, Our thanks go to all the traders, clubs, private exhibitors and so on that make this a thumping great success, A special thank you to the helpers from Blackpool and Fleetwood and others who know who they are, without them it would be harder to do.

My thanks all go to you all for attending, and making it a realistic chance to go on again next year, Its at a time like this when all is pulled together does the hobby thrive at its best, we all need each other at an event such as this to keep the hobby well and truly alive...Even traders that sell similar products or same as each other do not quibble with their competitor, they simply get on and are happy that the event is there for all including there competitor, (don't get me wrong I am sure they wish there wasn't a competitor but we all bring something for each other)

As for venue well as I have said many times before we are 96% there with Blackpool and trying to fix the other 4% by looking somewhere may not achieve the goal, eg we can fix the 4 percent but something else may not be perfect...We constantly look at other venues for all sorts of things, and I have another venue up there to look at over coming weeks, but a balance has to be found. As an exampole we are about to launch a new show next year and we found brilliant venue but there was a refundable parking system eg you paid for 2 hours came inside and got it refunded but we then are warned of over zealous parking attendants and sure enough they were. Now at Blackpool we have free parking which is pretty difficult to get free parking in Blackpool. I suspect the winter gardens parking cost would be more than the show entry nowadays but its all the little things we try and get as near right as possible or we move. again gong back too the new show when we found out about the parking attendants we don't want the visitors clock watching every minute so we moved that show. Watch this space it will be announced on here this weekend and this time we do possible have the perfect venue...Well Buckingham Palace would be perfect as one poster once wrote on here but having checked with HRH she isn't away that weekend so we are scuppered there.     

Anyway once again a big big big thank you to all                 

Meanwhile after all this weekend and being busy my little boy asked last night....Could we go and see the lights?  aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ps we still have a pair of glasses handed in ......Anyones ?????
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« Reply #101 on: October 19, 2011, 04:02:03 pm »

Just like to say thanks Mark and everyone else who made the Blackpool show a success.I think some people should take stock of the amount of effort it must take to bring everyone together to make a show for us to enjoy.I personally think the present venue is more than adequate and does seem to improve each year.
                                                                                                                                                As regards parking etc. forget it .A group of six of us now travel up on Friday afternoon,stay in a good B and B,enjoy fish and chips and a couple of pints.Rise Saturday to a good breakfast and call a cab which cost 5 between three of us and the same when we are ready to return to the digs.

That means you arrive fresh at the show,enjoy a full day in there and the luxury of no long drive home.

O.K it may cost a few quid but we have decided to have several smaller breaks such as this rather than spend a similar amount on one "big" holiday.

                       So as far as we are concerned,long live Blackpool show at NORCALYMPIA.

                                                                                                                           Cheers Andy

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