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Author Topic: Advice needed for a potential novice Yacht addict?  (Read 12427 times)


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Re: Advice needed for a potential novice Yacht addict?
« Reply #25 on: September 07, 2011, 06:41:27 am »

I too started yachtitupng about 18 months ago, starting with a tt Victoria, unmodified. Picked up an unfinished robbe Atlantis, completed her and now sail her regularly. In fact I find sailing more relaxing than electric!
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Re: Advice needed for a potential novice Yacht addict?
« Reply #26 on: September 10, 2011, 07:48:46 pm »

Hi Folks
I have now taken the plunge and ordered my first RC yacht.
I dread to think what you will say when I tell you what I have gone for, after all the many recommendations kindly offered...I seem to have gone against your recommendations.
I have ordered the Laser. The scale version of the Olympic Class Laser dinghy. Races in its own class but seems to have a cult following of fans.
96cm waterline length, 1.85m from bottom of keel to top of mast, and with a massive 33cm beam, displacement weight 4kg.
These are the key reasons why I opted for this model:
I saw one in action at my local club and it handled strong wind easily. It impressed me big time. Further footage of this boat on you tube impressed me as to its simplicity and yet good capabilities.
It has four different sail sets or rigs available for different wind speeds.
These sets and other components are available relatively cheaply within the UK.
In terms of price paid my maximum budget was 400 + 2.4G radio. In the event I have paid 430 + postage to include radio upgrade to 2.4G transmitter and receiver and a rigging upgrade to 90lb dyneema cord.
Okay this will be my initial launch into the yacht scene.
I cannot wait to get the boat and give it its first run! I will open a new topic in due course as to that experience if you are interested.
Thank you all for your contributions to my opening topic.


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Re: Advice needed for a potential novice Yacht addict?
« Reply #27 on: September 10, 2011, 09:56:46 pm »

An excellent choice. The fellow that sells the Nirvana's also sells Lasers as well. Perhaps I should add the Laser to my list of boats for serious consideration. Great boats and lots of fun.
Some how I was thinking you were terribly interested in racing. Most of the guys I know that have a Laser race them.
I am sure you will enjoy your new boat. Good job.

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