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Author Topic: HDMS Absalon stand off scale  (Read 2650 times)


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HDMS Absalon stand off scale
« on: October 07, 2011, 08:38:50 pm »

For a few years, I have hankered after a Billings Absalon,  A Dutch Command and control ship. Whilst chatting, he mentioned that the kit was not worth the money paid. Upon further investigation, he said what put right off was the simple fact that the grates, port holes and even the anchor were stick on decals!
So I thought, why not build a stand off scale version. This was also a dual purpose boat to build. A new competition in the club is coming up so why not. First problem …! Not my strong point. Out with paper and computers, in with imagination.
I decided to build ala Glen Guest style, ease of build, quick and any amount of detail I want! Well lets lay down the keel first.

Two of these were cut out at the same time using 3mm x 4 inch  (metric and imperial…impressive eh!)
A T bar front and 5mm balsa bulk heads were added. There is a reason for the bulkheads being balsa, but that must remain a secret for the time being!

The upper deck was offset from the lower deck being forward about 20mm, to give a bow. The access hatch was also cut out but has not been attached to  the bulk heads. All the hatch area was reinforced with balsa strip (I had no triangle!)

The stern area needs to slope up so that the prop shaft can come through the bulk head and lower hull. This was done simply by cutting the sheet balsa at an angle, re-glueing and weighting down.

This was reinforced down the side as shown   
Onto the topdecks, these were 3 trapeziums cut out of 3mm balsa, then 1.5mm sides glued  to them.
The front trapezium was cut oversize then fitted at an angle. Top flat sheets were added of 1.5mm middle section, 5mm front section and 2mm rear section. Some details were added, funnels boxes, radar and mast, anti submarine rockets etc.
   . More to come!!!
PS The motor is a speed 400, with m4 prop shaft with a 35mm 3 blade brass prop!!
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