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Author Topic: Model Yacht Design Returns With New Classic Broads River Cruiser For 2012  (Read 1791 times)

Model Yacht Design

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Firstly, it's a well wishing message to each and everyone of you out there, and in particualr of the due patience by so many trying to contact us [my wife and I], since 2006. I should tell you that we stopped the market production as consequence over the little profit our top quality kits were making against the time we spent procuring them, furthermore, serving in the military naturally took it's toil on my time, of that I could realistically give between the up tempo of my naval and diving career - something had to hold until near retirement.

He we are, both well as ever, dusted off the line drawings, secured the copyrights and upgraded some machinery to focus on the first of our kits for 2012.

Those of you who remember us, and our reviews in the modelling press, and pleased to see in various forums - will know we have always specialised in the production of Scale Model craft [river cruiser sailing yachts and cabin cruisers of the Norfolk Broads, of the real craft that were hired through Blakes Boating Holidays etc].

I have been, behind the scenes over the past 8 months, been working on the production of a real charming little cabin cruiser of the nostalgic era in Broadland Boating history, that I firmly believe you'll love to bits. As with all our projects, we are proud to say we know our broadland craft and those with lovely lines, and of their original detail, so I can tell you you'll be seeing accuracy in our research for sure. Naturally, I am keeping the finer detail of the model close at heart until clear of the moulding process and I am 150% happy with her. Though as with the Yachts and dinghies I brought out until 1996, this little lady will be real quality.

I can tell you she will measure under 3 foot in length, will be complimented with wonderful lines, will be supplied with highly detailed and easy step by step building instructions, as before, on CD Rom, or printed for those that desire, be supplied with all fittings, motor, servo, brass prop, shaft, rudder assy and servo lines, together with lovely mahogany pre-cut/lined veneers to complete. Again as before with our kits, a lovely history and photos of the lifesized cruiser and her designer/builder will be included.

Delivery timings - I am aiming to have the prototype out and tested, and advertised around April 2012, with the production line out as soon as following that timescale. If I can bring her out earlier, then of course you'll be kept in the loop.

Looking forward to serving you with our special kits once again, though approaching my naval retirement [permanently on UK shores now!], will now continue on and maintain that reputation of high quality kits you all deserve to recieve - If the lines of scale Norfolk Broads craft is that you love.

I will close off for now, but please, I would be delighted to hear from anyone interested in perhaps taking up the first of the production line kits in 2012.

An aside, for now - we are not running up a website - where I think it a sensible move to concentrate on the cabin cruiser production and not become side tracked at this time. Our updates will be through this Forum, Model Boats and Marine Modelling International is first priority.

Our kindest regards to you all out there,

Zebs & Nicola
Model Yacht Design

Model Yacht Design

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New Website - Model Yacht Design [Broads Cruiser Models For 2012]
« Reply #1 on: November 02, 2011, 03:26:18 pm »

Hi team,

To let you all know I have just launched a brief holding website for Model Yacht Design url  where, at least you can gain an insight to the models were are working on presently, even if, we have yet to publish photos of the prototypes - there are photos of the real things.

Hope that helps and as things progress I will keep the site updated.

Feel free please to contact me at anytime through our website, with any suggestions/wishes or pre-orders etc.

Kindest regards for now all

Model Yacht Design
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