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HMS Macedonian

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I've set my Constellation aside for a bit to get two other hulls started.

One is a 1:20th scale model of the Baltimore Clipper recreation Pride of Baltimore, a boat I work on the construction of in 1976, and crewed aboard in 1981.

The other hull, and the subject of this post, is the Lively class frigate Macedonian.

Macedonian was first set sail in 1810, engaged and was captured by the US frigate United States in October of 1812.  She was taken into US service and served as the USF, then USS Macedonian until she was broken up in 1828 and replaced with a new ship of the same name.  Today, he figurehead of Alexander the Great is all that remains.

This model is in 1:36th scale just like my Constellation and will also be a working model.  It's being constructed of 1/8" x 3/8" pine strips over plywood forms. The hull will get a layer of 3oz cloth outside and a coat of polyester resin inside.  Details like moldings, the wale, etc, will be applied to the hull after it's glassed.  Inside will get deck clamps, beams, etc as need to support the control gear.  It will also be modeled from the gun deck up with guns, furnishings, etc.

You'll notice blue masking tape on the edges of the forms - that's so the planking won't be glued to them as they are to be removed leaving the wooden shell of a hull.

laying out the forms.
Planking begins - 11/20/2011.
Counter and transom planked up.
Planking at the counter.
Template for stem pieces.
Fitting the stem pieces.
Planking continues.
The bow closed up on 12/14

That's where it is at the moment.  It's been about three weeks since planking began and I hope to have that completed this weekend.  She'll then get a few rounds of wood filler and sanding.  If I'm really lucky, she'll get resin inside the hull as well.

There's much more at my site for the project including a history of the ship, and more photos.

Hi Jerry,

You have done a wonderful job and inspiration for me.  thanks for sharing and you have a great website.  I was curious how those copper plates would work in the water.  My frigate will be a static display and I chose not to show nail heads on the plates as at the scale I am working, you would not see it.  Kudos to you!


I've been following your Ajax build - I watch all the 1780's-1820's period warship builds I find - especially frigates - to see the different approaches folks take with these types of ships.  They're all very helpful in interpreting some not so clear parts of the plans - especially the fellas doing admiralty type models.  There's a build of the frigate Naiad on Model Ship World that just leaves me speechless.

Mac will get a slightly different treatment for her bottom than Constellation did.  Instead of actual copper tape, I'm going to plate the bottom with aluminum cut from aluminum duct tape and then paint it with Krylon metallic copper paint.

Top: Copper tape
Underneath: aluminum tape partially painted copper.
left center: A bit of the painted part cut to size.

This is a LOT cheaper and should be just as impressive on a model this size - though I might put a zinc block on her somewhere just for electrolysis sake.

Well, the planking is done, one month after starting the first plank, I put on the last ones.  Tonight, I even yanked out all but 4 of the forms.

Every other form pulled out

  Looking into the transom

  Looking into the bows

  Plenty of space for running gear.

Quartering view

Since last post the keel, stern post, and stem pieces have been attached, and a couple of coats of water putty applied.  The transom brace was replaced with an internal one and the transom top trimmed to shape.  I also made a stand to help keep her from rolling around while I work on her.  The inside of the hull was "painted" with thinned glue to get into the nooks and reenforce the planking.  This Christmas day she is ready for resin inside, and glass outside - I just need some glass cloth.

Last section of keel and sternpost going on.

On her new stand.

No more Noah's Ark remarks - now she looks like Barbra Streisand.

Masilla Soluble en Agua!

A profile shot against the plan.

Puttying and Sanding

Transom trimmed.


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