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Author Topic: 2 Hellens one according to plan and one stern trawler  (Read 1289 times)


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2 Hellens one according to plan and one stern trawler
« on: December 28, 2011, 10:46:55 am »

hi guys had a go at a hellen kit a long time ago and didnt use the right material or glue to put caulking in-between the deck planks and got frustrated and it has been sitting here ever since mocking me. The kit had some missing pieces and broken bits after sitting neglected for so long and as I recently got back into scale boats it really bugged me that it was a failed build. So when I found a hellen kit brand new for 100 bucks a few towns over I jumped on it. The plan is to use the new kit as a template to scratch what I need to make the old one into a stern trawler as seen here

I have gotten the old gear out of the old boat and pulled the deck off. The hull is very sturdy and thick it doesnt need the framing but you need somewhere to put your gear. I used construction adhesive to secure the frames this time the glue I used before had peeled away from the hull and I had to scrape it all out before I could go on. I coated the framing with epoxy as well before I glued it in again. Then I spray painted the inside to give it a clean look.

then I started on the new hull and this time chose to stain the wood before I epoxied everything to give a nice appearance when you open the hatch.

this is where I am at now I have the new hulls frames coated in epoxy and will install them once its dry I made a new subfloor for both boats and a new servo floor for the old boat as well.
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