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Author Topic: Book on Corvettes  (Read 1425 times)


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Re: Book on Corvettes
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2012, 08:07:06 pm »

The Flower class is probably the best documented of the Royal Navy's WWII ships.  There's something about these pug ugly little boats that people love.

The Shipcraft books looks interesting but the information could just as easily gained from a number of other sources.

Warship Perspectives
Flower Class Corvettes of World War Two
by John Lambert

Anatomy of the ship: The Flower Class Corvette Agassiz
by John McKay & John Harland
Vanwell Publishing, 1993

the Anatomy is about the best as a lot of the information in the others are the same drawings.  a serious Flower modeller needs to see and if possible own these 2.    

Canada's Flowers: Lynch, Thomas
Gunshield Graffiti: Lynch, Thomas; Lamb, James & Jensen, LB
North Atlantic Run: Milner, Marc
Corvettes Canada: Johnston, Mac
HMCS Sackville: Milner, Marc
A 'blinking!' War: Lawrence, Hal
The Corvette Navy: Lamb, James
Battle of the Atlantic: an Oral History: Bailey, Chris Howard
The Cruel Sea: Monsarrat, Nicholas
HMS Bryony - Tribute to a Flower: Horabin, Ron
High Seas - High Risk: Norris, Pat
Convoy: The Battle for Convoys SC.122 and HX.229 : Middlebrook, Martin
Three Corvettes: Monsarrat, Nicholas
Allied Escort Ships in WW2: Elliott, Peter
To Sea in Haste: Carr, Roland
Corvette and Submarine: Shean, Max
The Corvette Years: The Lower Deck Story: O'Connor, Edward

These are  all interesting sources but are aimed more at the historian than the modeller.   Check out this website for load of stuff on the Flowers.
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