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Author Topic: Deans Marine MA/SB  (Read 1343 times)


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Deans Marine MA/SB
« on: January 21, 2012, 06:33:25 PM »

As described in my picket boat post xmas presents gave a problem of havign two models to build from presents and if I start to build one and not the other I will hear a cry of 'why arent you building mine first?'.  My HMS Yarmouth which is virtually just with stanchions left has had to be put to one side as I have been asked already 'when are you going to start my boat?'.

So this week I made a start on both my new presents with the aim of building both side by side to protect sensitivities.  .

The instructions and plans for the MA/SB are a huge improvement on the normal Deans instructions which are usually dire but these seem to be top notch - time will tell no doubt.  But well done Deans on the improvement.

Contents were checked and there were a couple of parts missing so a quick call and this was resolved very rapidly.  First class customer service.

Rubbed and washed and holes made were necessary.   Tacked in with superglue then clear slow set expoxy applied.  Same for the shaft.

When this dries FG paste will be used to set it fully and secure it.

Meantime because it was cold in the garage and I had the day to myself today I have gone out of sequence and started on the main cabin alternating with the Picket Boat etc.  And with the picket boat this model does lend itself to be made out of sequence.     I also made up the spare barrel locker and it is starting to quickly take shape.

It has gone together over 2 days very quickly and next weekend I will start on the internals RC and fit the deck.



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Re: Deans Marine MA/SB
« Reply #1 on: March 03, 2012, 06:12:47 PM »

Turend some attention to my MA/SB build over the last week and worked on the hull.

The side supports are a bit boring to do if I'm honest - it never is a favourite part of any build for me but an essential part to get as right as possible.

It was fairly straightforward but the first side supports needed a really acute angle shaved off the balsa square to make sure they lay flat across the top.  Bit of a tedious painful job of cutting and shaving, holding to the side, adjusting, putting to side, adjusting etc etc.  But I think I have got them mostly straight and flush but when its all set a careful Sand across the top will make sure.  The second side support was straight forward and needed no adjustment which I hope is a sign that I got the first layer right!!  After that the cross members in Ramin were placed and with supports underneath each join.   It has now made the hull hull nicely rigid and ready to offer up the deck.  Next job will be to fit the servo mount and the servo although I will cut out the deck in an idle moment to check for sizing.   One thiing I will say is that Deans provided more than enough ramin and balsa for the job - loads of it - usually kits have the bare minimum but not in this case.    Deck was cut to size to try and guage how well it sat on the rubbing strake and the deck supports so I can see how flat it is (or isnt!!) Also to give me some idea as to how oversize the deck is as printed.  Quite pleased at the test fit.   Very little will need to be taken off as its a very good fit and the supports are surprisingly quite flat already with very little proud bits.  With the 3/4s completed wheelhouse in place it is now starting to look a bit like what it is intended to be.



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Re: Deans Marine MA/SB
« Reply #2 on: April 14, 2012, 08:05:56 PM »

Well almost completed.  Just a few small detail bits such as rigging and securing the dinghy and carley and the DCs to be painted and attached then she is just about done.  Will give her a first outing tommorrow.
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