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Author Topic: HMS Dark Biter - Nautical Marine kit Build Log  (Read 1743 times)


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HMS Dark Biter - Nautical Marine kit Build Log
« on: January 28, 2012, 10:04:04 AM »

This is my first build log and , in fact, only my second model boat build. I have lots of experience building in Model Rail and Model cars...but things that float are new to me, so I want to try and show how a complete beginner strives to complete a modern kit, warts and all!....and learn from any feedback, when I do something wrong from the many experts on this Forum.

I should also mention that I am a proud new member of the Cheddar Steam Club, which sails many different type of boats including Warships which are my main interest.

The build, (like all my modelling projects) will take place in my shed which was built and kitted out for modelling projects. It currently houses my Slot car racing track and scale cars , although most items are dissappearing fast thanks to  Ebay!. The current track bed provides an excellent level build platform.

Dark Biter is (or was) a MTB from the Dark Class of boats that were built in the mid 1950's (just like me!) for the Royal Navy and also some foreign Navies. They were one of the first fast attack craft to be fitted with diesel engines. This did lead to one or two problems with the colour schemes on these craft due to the discolouration of the hulls that took place from to the exhaust systems. The original idea was to have white hulls but this soon changed to black stern section with white bows and ultimately to all black hulls. I chose to model my boat as the half black half white hulled boat, ....why?, well I think it looks prettier!.

 I purchased the kit and it's associated fittings kit from Westbourne Models in Poole, who were very helpful in advising me and supplying additional items I required for the build. For a radio system, after discussion I chose the Planet T5 27 Mhz system as it seemed the best way forward and excellent value for money also it would allow me to use the same Tx for a variety of boats. The rest of the items used I will specify at the appropriate time in the build.

Before purchasing the kit I had read Dave Abbott's wonderful article on his build of the model on the Nautical Marine website I also purchased the back copy of "Model Boats", (I think March 2011 issue), where Dave's article I believe, first appeared.

So there you have the background to the build, which hopefully will progress over the Spring and be finished in time for our "wonderful" Summer!..  (It needs to be as I've already purchased my next project a R/C conversion of the 1/350 Tamiya USS Enterprise kit!).
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