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Author Topic: Traditional Appledore Yacht .....  (Read 1489 times)


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Traditional Appledore Yacht .....
« on: March 25, 2012, 03:50:43 pm »

Just under 20 years ago when I first moved house here in Appledore I bought the yacht below from a local boot fair. .... A very traditional one, I suspect it's pre war era and I found out that there is a traditional race that has been held here once a year , apparently for decades, that involves everyone being ferried to the middle of the estuary of the River Torridge at lowish tide and releasing their boats , which then sail back to the Appledore shore. Prizes are awarded..  Part of last years racing can be seen here on you tube

I've done hardly anything to this boat, I gave the hull a coat of paint and renewed the rigging lines and gave it a test sail in a local pond and found she sailed like a dream.  :D  It's about 34 inches long overall and about 3' 6" tall overall, presumably of 'bread and butter' or 'hollowed out from the solid' type of construction.

Since then it's just sat on a shelf which seems a shame but I'm loathe to do much to it as it is one of the long standing traditional Appledore Fleet.  Due to being slightly disabled I've never participated in the race or chatted much to the old locals who sail them..

Question, does anyone know anything about the boat type itself ? The fleet appear all much the same and I'm not sure where the design originated and I'm wondering whether to keep her like she is or update her with some sort of minimal electronics, perhaps just steering but it seems a shame to do that really as she's in terrific original condition at the moment.... {:-{

Any ideas and comment welcome...  Well, nice ones anyway  :embarrassed:

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