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Author Topic: Graupner Neptun build questions  (Read 1558 times)

john fellows

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Graupner Neptun build questions
« on: April 04, 2012, 06:41:12 pm »

Can I ask anyone whose built this kit two questions ?
First, what is the easiest way to trim the excess plastic from around the top of the hull moulding ?
Second, what is the best adhesive to use when fixing the wooden deck to the plastic hull ?
The kit includes a tube of UHU glue, but isn't this an instant / contact type, which I'm not keen
on using.
Fitting two large items together, I feel that time to adjust the fit is needed.

                                                                           Thanks     John

Ghost in the shell

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Re: Graupner Neptun build questions
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2012, 10:17:53 pm »

Hello Mr Fellows, welcome to Model boat mayhem, once you have logged in you can never leave!

i have two, one I purchased as a runner, the other I built.

To remove the excess styrene, a good sharp knife! sharper the better.  run it short then sand it down for final shaping, (use the sanding paper over a sanding block, failing that an old cassette tape box)

To assemble the wooden deck to the hull, it should slot into a recess in the hull, and to secure it, I used two-part araldite 30 min epoxy.  with this part being wood it had a tendency to twist slightly, and the abs a tendency to pop.   so use plenty of elastic bands to hold the hull against the wooden edges.

the same 30 minute epoxy will also quite happily secure the stern tube and rudder tube. (use ROBBE part 1481 for the rudder!!! the graupner one is quite fankly s**t  if you cant find it, the 1481 rudder is the rudder on the dusseldorf fireboat and forward dive planes on seawolf dynamic sub.)

before final assembly goes ahead, dry fit first, do that as many times as you see fit.  dont know what goes in uhu but its adhesive qualities are worse than its smell, and it smells pretty dammed awful!

other items of use:

motor: 385 type
battery : 7.2v 6-cell
servo: Futaba S3003
Radio: two channel, though pretty much any 27mhz, 40mhz or 2.4ghz will do
ballast: 1.2kgs (20 strips of tyre weights)

Hi Ghostie,  Nice to see you back

"xxxxx" the tree huggers, GO NUCLEAR

john fellows

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Re: Graupner Neptun build questions
« Reply #2 on: April 07, 2012, 10:13:15 pm »

Hi Ghost, many thanks for your suggestions.
I've seen comments that epoxy adhesive wont work to well on plastic,
but as you've obviously used it, I assume you've had no problems.
Should I sand the plastic hull joint area to give a key
When I come to paint it, will Halfords spray paint be OK on
this type of plastic ?
                               Thanks again        John
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