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Author Topic: Hong Kong ChrisCraft 19ft Barrelback finished at last...!  (Read 1062 times)


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Hong Kong ChrisCraft 19ft Barrelback finished at last...!
« on: August 22, 2012, 02:55:44 pm »

At last my Dumas 1234 19 ft  Chris Craft Barrelback is finished….

Sorry if this is deja-vu – I posted it originally on the RC form a few weeks ago, and it has been suggested that I post it here as well…

It has taken a while to make… I had it half-built, and then my daughter-in-law produced grand-daughters, so I put it on the shelf and re-tooled for dolls-houses. Then I got struck down with prostate cancer, but fortunately it was discovered early, and surgery was 100% successful. But while convalescing and feeling a bit low, I suddenly decided I was going to take control of my life and get that boat down off the shelf and finish it; and at the same time my wife told me to stop being such a sexist, because little girls like speedboats just as much as little boys do…

The launching ceremony was at our local boating pond. For those of you who do not know Hong Kong, it is a city of amazing contrasts. Right in the middle of Central district, just yards from high-rises, traffic jams and noise, is the most charming quiet, secluded wooded park, and there under the trees is a most delightful boating pond.

The boat is called Amazing Grace - after my wife – and Mui Wo is the name of the little Hong Kong fishing village where we live. My wife poured a little champagne on her, and to the accompaniment of lots of admiring “Waaah”s from the Chinese around the pond, off she went, while we sat back and drank the rest of the champagne and enjoyed our picnic.

A big thankyou to all who made it possible: Dumas for the kit, dear Callie for her decals, Rich at MACK for his power-train and his patient advice, and those helpful people at Prop-shop in England, for straightening a bent prop-shaft and balancing the prop, and Loyalhanna Dockyard for the lining and the flags. And of course those helpful people at Klass Kote in England for the varnish and the paint.

A couple of things need tweaking:
1) Rather than planing, she tended to “dig her nose in” under power. I guess this is due to having the batteries too far forward, and I have already worked out how to stow them aft

2) After a fast run, she seemed to “run out of steam”; if I then left her bobbing around with no power for a minute of two, then all was fine, and off she went again OK. General consensus seems to be that this may be the ESC getting a bit hot and having a sulk.  I am working on a heat-sink and/or better cooling.



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Re: Hong Kong ChrisCraft 19ft Barrelback finished at last...!
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2012, 11:38:25 pm »

She looks very nice - well done!
Somewhere in the hills there is a reservoir built under the direction of my Grandpapa when he was Director of Public Works, HK. Alas I was at school in the UK when the rest of the family went to HK.
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