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Author Topic: CAR TROUBLES  (Read 3615 times)


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« Reply #25 on: September 19, 2012, 10:35:56 PM »

Bought current car an Audi A4 1.9turbo Diesel  S regfor 200 dut to it having so called engine probs sold it on for 400 bought it back for 250 running as sweet as a nut deosnt owe me a penny 180000 miles on it doesnt buen a drop of Oil changed rear shocks since i have had it.Used as a workhorse and returns 55mpg even towing the caravan.Looks like a heap will get resprayed this year cant beat it.



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« Reply #26 on: September 20, 2012, 07:00:13 AM »

Think I might be able to guess the reason for that too, your foot has an appetite for pushing a certain pedal to the floor.....? I've always wanted an XJ8 4.0, in metallic red, with cream and walnut interior... not the average young persons car, but as soon as finances sort themselves out I'll be getting 1....

Yes but the whine of the supercharger is so addictive  :embarrassed: and as the roads round here are pretty much the same as what you will find on a rally stage, they do get a bit erm... well used.  I have a video somewhere of one of my friends power sliding it on the Ouninpohja road past the yellow house (anyone who knows about rallying will know about the road and the house) but he did back off for the jump lol

I have to say of all the cars I have owned (And I have over 50) the Jag has to be my favourite and also considering what we paid for it (Left hand drive in the UK) probably the best value for money, but not the most economical.
Mine is the straight 6 4.0L in Black (The only colour to have)

You can pick up a good one for less than 4 grand, and a V8 for a bit more, be prepared for big fuel bills tho....  10-12Mpg around town is not uncommon
Sadly its almost time for her to go into storage for the winter, as I would rather not pay over 1000 for a set of winter tyres (needed from November to April by law)
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« Reply #27 on: September 20, 2012, 07:00:42 PM »

well folks.............a word of warning..............DO NOT BUY A USED CAR WARRANTY FROM WARRANTYWISE......the one advertised as having no weasel words and will protect you and your car from the past top gear punter Quentin Wilson

I paid 826.86p for a 3 year extended warranty.........tried to claim 4 times in the past 30 months for different mechanical or electrical problems...............finally culminating in the final one today....the leaking sump becuase of corrosion................and guess what.........they don't consider a sump as a "mechanical part" and therefor it's NOT covered................

just again.......

DON'T BUY A WARRANTY FROM'll just be throwing 800+ sobs down the drain


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« Reply #28 on: September 20, 2012, 08:43:05 PM »

Gotta agree with the supercharger whine.
My wife gets an old one of these as a courtesy car when her XK8 is in.
The 4.0R has 180K on the clock but when I drive it I can almost get 14mpg out of it but boy what a smile.
It is amusing to see the little boy racers being left behind in exhaust fumes up to the speed limit.

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