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Author Topic: mystery tug  (Read 1610 times)


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mystery tug
« on: May 08, 2007, 08:29:22 pm »

Hi all,
I'm enclosing a picture of my Mayhem namesake, Willit in the hope that someone will identify the name and make of the kit.  I think the superstructure is scratchbuilt, but the hull is vac-formed. 
I first found this model when I was with my grandparents and dad at the Thames Traditional Boat Rally, where we were exhibiting our vintage cruiser.  I passed a stand selling nautical knick knacks upon which were sat several model boats.  My eye was caught immediately by the large fully fitted out and working thames cruiser model (it was very nice!) but immediately walked on when I saw the 600 price tag  :P  My eye was then caught by a little tugboat, the price of which was 25.  This annoyed me slightly as I really fancied it and only had 20 (always the way for me I'm afraid).  I was very surprised when the stall holder sold it to me for 20.  And so I became Willit's second owner (the builder had died before finishing it).  A quick spending spree buying all the relevent bits and hey presto a tug that in three years has only just let me down! (seized the motor, dad was at the helm!) The motor went a bit random once and lost a pole somehow so it stopped at a certain point if you weren't careful.  A quick blast of full ahead cured that  ;).  It now needs a new motor though which I think is pretty good for some pretty hard running over three years.

what I want to know is, what kit and does anyone have pics of one they have or have had.  I would dearly love to see another one, I have never ever seen any tug like it anywhere.  Some are close but not the same kit.  When I went to the model shop the guy selling had a look at it (I took it so I got the right bits) and he had the same kit for his son (but hadn't got round to making it yet!), apparently it was from a Scottish firm.

Looking forward to some interesting info!



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Re: mystery tug
« Reply #1 on: May 08, 2007, 10:19:11 pm »

    ...Hi Willit...
What is the hull made of.?...

It looks rather like an S.H.G.Marine,s KING MIDAS hull with home built deckhouse..

These wee tugs are ABS PLastic at 470mm long x 135mm beam...

I hope this helps...

...Best Regards...Norry...
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Re: mystery tug
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2007, 10:17:44 pm »

the hull is made of plastic, I'm checking out SHG now....

....and their sorting out a new site  ::)

I have seen hulls like it, the tug listed in the SHG section of the mayhem tug kit list is very similar.  What I've never seen on any similar hulls is the large rubbing strake type thing that drops down to the waterline. 

The closest I've ever seen is this.  I'm sure you can see the resemblence.  Of course mine has no kort nozzle, or even a skeg, but the hull is very VERY similar, although it would appear not to have the large droopy rubbing strake  :-\

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