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Author Topic: Steam  (Read 713 times)


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« on: October 20, 2012, 01:49:52 pm »

A 'cri de coeur', I started a steam project way back in the mists of antiquity with the purchase of a c1920's metal hull of 51" LOA. I ordered up off Ebay a Stuart Turner twin, before it arrived I ordered from a prestigious boiler maker a superb, bespoke, boiler with twin burners and fuel tank. Of course when they arrived I found they were not only too big but weighed an inordinate amount. The Stuart Turner has passed to other hands and has been replaced by a Saito Triple, I now need an unwanted Saito B3 boiler or its modern equivalent specification number. If I am fortunate to find one I will be selling an unused copper, Tig welded boiler with twin ceramic burners and fuel tank complete with relevant certificate. HELP!


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Re: Steam
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2012, 02:41:11 pm »

Evening deepsix..........when venturing into steam  >>:-(  some complexities abound

Your second engine...the Saito T-3DR is appprox 8.0 CC so will be a reasonable consumer of steam & this engine as recommended suits your hull length of 51"  O0

The original B3 boiler for the T-3DR is still available but is 25 years behind current techonogy...why not question the use of your boiler & gas tank from your prestigious boiler maker?

I am not questioning the Saito product, but simply offering an opinion or question on their boiler technology

PS....... I am a proud owner of a 9CC Saito Y2DR horizontal engine as below.........Derek
Derek Warner

Honorary Secretary
Illawarra Live Steamers Co-op
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