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Author Topic: Static or Electric?  (Read 3496 times)


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Re: Static or Electric?
« Reply #25 on: December 09, 2012, 10:04:53 am »

Nowadays, when I approach any potential static drain, instead of grasping it fingers first (ouch!), I tend to touch it with the back of my hand first. It seems (to me anyway) that touching the conductive object with the back of the hands actually dissipates the shock somewhat (larger surface area) whereas touching with finger tip actually concentrates the zap.
When you get a static shock as a result of a normally repeated action, like grasping a door handle or tap or similar, its always the same bit of hand that passes the discharge, so you gain a little hole in the insulating layer of skin at that spot.  After a few goes, this gives a good path to the squidgy stuff underneath that conducts electricity and contains lots of nerves, and the effect is multiplied.  Going back of hand first offers the hairs on the back of your hand first, and probably results in a more gentle discharge.
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Re: Static or Electric?
« Reply #26 on: December 09, 2012, 12:26:01 pm »

You've started to answer your own question. Think along the lines of duvet covers (nylon?), night clothes and human movement during the night. Result, nice build up of charge. My suggestion would be to examine anything that has changed since before you started to have the problem. You may just be able to pin down the cause from this. In my opinion (for what that's worth!) you can discount any connection between the static and your household wiring system.
Having being involved in this subject in industry I know that the causes and cures (or limitation) for static is a very weird topic to get into. It may be of some comfort to you that each human reacts in a different way to electrical charges. Some people are very prone to feeling the smallest charge while others feel very little. Sadly, I am one of the first group (not ideal for someone working in  the industry), the slightest charge can do me a serious mischief. The only consolation that you have is that it is a nuisance rather than danger factor in domestic situations.
Sorry not to be able to pin it down to a definiate cause.
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