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Author Topic: Graupner Bugsier 3 Build Diary  (Read 1478 times)


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Graupner Bugsier 3 Build Diary
« on: February 05, 2013, 10:44:29 am »

These tugs seem to be popular all of a sudden. I picked up this kit on a local online auction site. The kit had already been started - a lot of the pieces had already been cut out, but a reasonable inspection showed that there were no parts missing. The bonus find in the box when it arrived was the Fittings kit. It wasn't listed on the auction and I was expecting to pay another $80 for one - which would have been half the price that I pad for the kit.

The build had already been started. The motor and battery boxes had been installed and some of the superstructure had been started with others cut out.

The worst area was the stern where whoever put the stern and rudder support together has made a complete hash of it.  I'm a novice builder so I cant criticise too much. >:-o [size=78%] It looks like too much epoxy between the layers of ABS, much like a layered sponge cake, and is now too thick. To make it worse someone has taken to the area with some heat source, perhaps in an attempt to straighten it up. It hasn't worked so if anyone has any bright ideas on how I could remedy this I'd appreciate it. I've taken to it with some sandpaper to clear up the messy epoxy. Here are some photos:[/size]

1. The box - looks quite old - and it is!!

2. The contents

3. The contents

4. Stern area - port side

5. Stern area - starboard side.

6. Stern area - heat damage

7. Keel - showing kink at the end
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