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Author Topic: A late introduction....  (Read 680 times)


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A late introduction....
« on: April 08, 2013, 12:05:10 am »

I've been reading for a while and even posted a few comments myself, but not properly introduced myself. I'm Glyn and have never built or sailed a model boat. On the other hand, I went to sea at the age of 18 and am still here 34 years later, so ships are not new to me.  :-)
I started my deck cadetship with Ocean Fleets (ex-Blue Flu) and then went on to Blue Star ships and some oriental companies (anyone remember Seashine, I didn't think so) After 12 years of getting dizzy sailing around the globe I changed tack a little and moved into the Offshore Oil industry. for the last 12 years I've been Master / Offshore Installation Manager of semi submersible drilling rigs. The Borgny Dolphin (hopefully picture attached) I was Captain for 6 years. More recently I've changed over to DP drillships and am learning the systems on an old 5th generation ship Ocean Clipper...also hopefully photo attached. The company I work for is having 4 new 7th generation drillships being built in Korea so there's plenty of opportunity for the future.
I moved to Spain about 4 years ago because I like the people, the climate and the holiday atmosphere. Did I mention the climate? I very recently became a father for the first time to twin boys whose maternal great grandfather was George Selman. Now George was seriously involved in the development of Motor Gun Boats during the war and I thought a model for each of the boys would be nice. Okay, so they're 8 months old....but I don't work very fast!  %% .
My wife then bought me a model kit of the Amsterdam tug and I proceeded to start my research. Now with the help of members on this Forum, not least of which ''Oldiron'' - many thanks to you all. I will soon start and have the intention of improving on the basic kit to have a quality model. Yes, yes I will do a build thread; but there are already several of this kit, so only my mistakes will be new.
I've also purchased a 5ft moulded hull of the "Africa Star'' as this was a vessel (M.V. Harlech - ex-Almeda Star) I had happy times on a Second Mate. If anyone has any photos of the back of the accommodation I would appreciate it. I think I've trawled everything for this vessel off the internet already. I'm also looking for photos of my first ship - M.V. Pegu - Elder Dempster / Guinea Gulf, in case I decide to have a go at that model. Meanwhile I'm taking plenty of photos of the vessel I'm on now ........but you will see from the photo that there's an awful lot of superstructure and it's not one of the prettiest of vessels. I'm looking at the hull line drawings and thinking about frame and planking methods. Look,.. not two bits of wood glued together and see how far I've come already  :embarrassed:
I've got to go now and try to post this - bandwidth permitting, but if I don't reply quickly, don't take it personally, internet connection here in Brazil is sporadic, but I will be back.
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