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tugboat pete:
 :-) Hi all im a newbe on the site this will be my first post ref my seaport project all going to plan at the mo sending pics of current state will keep you posted best regards.

tugboat pete:
hi all just an update on the boat all now grey got rid of the hatch locking knobs using magnets also sorted out the flexi drive cv on the motor to prop shaft all going well will keep you up tp date best regards.

tugboat pete:
just a pic of the mod on the drive shaft aca rubber petrol pipe.

Peter Fitness:
Looking good, Pete :-))  Keep the photos coming.


tugboat pete:
 :-))hi all just a few more pics got the hull sprayed off red today also sorted out the mast used an artists paintbrush so all coming together will be sorting the wheelhouse out asap best regards.


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