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Petrol ic reliability

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Hi I am looking to build a deep vee Apache type boat for running on the local estuaries my concern is the reliability of petrol engines I don't fancy having to go rowing regularly or would I be better using electric?


Martin [Admin]:

Model petrol engines are very reliable these days especially if you're not running a 'race' engine.

Bit of a steep learning curve.... but isn't everything!  :-)

You can't go far wrong with zenoha gas marine engines.

The stock engines are good value, powerful, ultra reliable, easy starting and cheap to run.

I ve run a race tuned version for two years. Not had to replace a bearing or Any other parts so far.


Thanks my only concern was the thing cutting i do have a row boat but didn't want to be having to fetch it out constantly and gas would give me better run times and save the hassle of lots of big lipos.

As an aside i might  be tempted if i can get some interest in these parts to run a club for regular meetings but that's a future idea.


If you get it set up ok, it will run with spfew stops or hiccups. The only time it should stop is if you prang it into something£!


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