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Author Topic: Setting Up Swordfish Pro 200A HV Esc.  (Read 1203 times)


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Setting Up Swordfish Pro 200A HV Esc.
« on: October 18, 2014, 01:44:13 PM »


I was wondering if anyone could be kind enough to help with the following:

Just looking at programming the Escīs. This is what I have Leopard 4 Pole LBP 5692 1090 KV, Swordfish Pro 200A ESc. Will be running it on nine cell. I have the programming box and it all connects and lights up nicely, however I am baffled by some of the terminology so I was wondering if anyone could help with the following which is the list it scrolls down through.

LVC (Presume this is number of Cells) Set to 9 in my case or leave as Auto?

LVC (Presume this is the lowest voltage I want any of the cells in a pack to reach) What voltage would you suggest is sensible?

Brake type Options: Hard, Soft or No? I have no idea what to select.

Timing options: Auto, 0, 2 , 4, 6…..up to 30 and then finally low? No idea

Cut Off Type: Hard or Soft. Donīt know what it means or what to select.

Start type (I guess this is the sensitivity of the throttle?) Choice of Standard, soft or fast. What should I select?

PWM. No idea what this is. Option of 8, 12, or 16KHz.

Hope someone can help please. Thanks in advance.


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Re: Setting Up Swordfish Pro 200A HV Esc.
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2014, 03:58:51 PM »

Wow what a lot of question, but hear goes with a few answers which are my preferences only.

LVC  This is the lowest voltage the ESC will run on without cutting out and I would set this to 9
LVC  My prefered voltage is 3.7v but do not go below 3.0v per cell, so lowest voltage is 3.7 x 9 or 3.0 x 9
I no that aircraft chaps mainly use 3.7v I believe that the lower you take them the shorter the life.
Brake type  This is mainly only used on car applications where you need the vehicle to stop quickly, it puts an electrical brake on the motor and suggest no brake.
Timing  start with low timing and work up to higher values, the higher you go the faster the motor will go with of course more heat and current.
Maybe someone who has expert knowledge of the leopard motor can advise on do a search on line.
Cut Off Type   Not sure but I think it means once LVC is reached whether the motor stops hard or soft.  Hard the motor will cutout and soft means and softer or slower switching off, Best to check this one.
Start Type  You got it in one
PWM  This is the speed the ESC pulses the motor again no idea for you motor.
I am no expert don't do fast electrics at present but Im sure an expert will do a better job than me but at least it gets the Topic started.
Good Luck  Lionel
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