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Hello, Can someone please tell me how to remove the propeller shaft on my Seaport tug so I can grease it ?

Dick Birtles

 Hi Dirk.
 not really worth the hassle, would be better drilling the shaft tube and fitting an oiler tube.  To get what you want to do
1 unscrew the kort support bracket
2 the black disc tiller arm remove screw from center
3 remove kort
4 undo the screw in the centre of the prop boss and remove prop
5 undo the four screw in the motor mount and remove the whole assembly
6 now the shaft should be able to be removed to the inside of the hull
 removing the kort can be a bit fiddly as the prop is in the way and trying to remove the prop first is also an SOB as then the kort is in the way.  Can be done, but then there will be a lot of f `ing and blinding to put it all back together again.

Thank you for your quick reply Frank, I can follow all your instructions but thr problem still remains, how do I undo the brass nut at the prop end of the shaft or do I undo the U/J nylon end, is the U/J screwed on ? are they both R/H threads ? For me to drill an oiling tube I still need to remove the shaft from the prop tube anyway so I do need to remove it. I have alrady stripped everything down anyway so no problem I just can't understand what I need to do to get the propeller shaft out  re. the U/J and brass nut at propeller end ?



Martin [Admin]:

See also:

Careful, Popups!!!   >:-o

Martin and Frank, thanks so much for your efforts but I'm afraid nothing shows or explains how to get the propeller shaft out of the tube. Is the U/J a push fit ? a left hand thread @ a right hand thread ? or what. I am not inclined to just try unscrewing with pliers at each end unless I know which way I am supposed to be turning, right or left ? I do not want to damage anything so simply need to know just what and which way I am supposed to be turning ? The photos just show the prop shaft with a pair of pliers on the brass nut but nothing else !!
Surely someone somewhere can tell me just what I do. I have stripped everything out as Frank advised but now what ?
I must get the shaft out to add waterproof grease and to drill an oil hole or I'm stuck.

Hope someone can help.



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