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Right having seen my mate's raido controlled bait boat it got me thinking,no way I will pay ?400+ for that piece of poo poo,I can do better but how?.The controller was a 2 channel,the boat in question was a catermerang,powered by 2 motors,the left hand stick controlled the forward motion with both motors working ahead,when you wanted to turn left/right one motor would slow and the other speed up,if stationary and selected for example left, one motor would go astern and the other ahead ,how the heck do you do this.?I have got a 3 channel set ready to be used in my next project which is a bait boat but how do I get it to do as described above cheers Satvros

John W E:
Hi ya mate,

little thing in your mate's boat that does the trickery is called a MIXER - it goes between your RX (receiver) and speed controllers for the motors.   There are a few of them around i.e. different makes ACtion is one, Hunter and also others.

Fairly straightforward to fit - and cost about ?18 for a diy kit that you put together yourself, ?24-?25 for a ready made one.

John E

... or depending on which 3 channel Tx you have, it might have mixing built in! Most Hitec 3 ch 40 mhz sets do.



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